Speaker Johnson rise Biden on border shift in White House meeting - MilectoSpeaker Johnson rise Biden on border shift in White House meeting - Milecto

At a recent meeting at the White House about funds for Ukraine, Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson asked President Joe Biden to rethink the country’s immigration policy. Republicans in Congress have blocked Biden’s efforts to get emergency funds for Ukraine. They have done this by threatening to shut down the government to change security policies along the border between the US and Mexico. They say that the rise in immigration is because of the US and what they see as problems with Biden’s policies.

Johnson told Biden after the meeting that he told him that U.S. immigration policies need to change drastically because the situation at the border is a “national security and humanitarian catastrophe.” Republicans have always been critical of Biden’s approach to immigration, which has made it a major issue in the 2024 race. Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, is known for being strict on immigration. Biden, as a Democrat, is likely to run against Trump.

The Pew Research Centre said in 2021 that there were about 10.5 million illegal people living in the United States. Politicians from all parts of the U.S. political spectrum have tried over the years to fix what they see as a broken system, but they have not been successful yet.

In December, border police in the U.S. caught almost 11,000 migrants in a single day. Some officials said this was close to or even a record high. An private government record, on the other hand, says that in late December, the usual number of bookings each week dropped to 6,400.

At the start of his time, Biden wanted to change the way immigration worked by proposing new laws, but Republicans were against it. The White House is willing to put new limits on U.S. refugee seekers and give removal powers to more people, but many Democrats are against these changes.

Biden’s most recent move is to ask for an extra $61.4 billion in funding to help Ukraine get weapons and restock U.S. supplies while its war with Russia is still going on. This request for money, which is called “supplemental,” also includes $14.3 billion for Israel and $13.6 billion to protect the border. The White House was hopeful that the Senate would be able to talk about this spending with both Democrats and Republicans.

During the meeting, the President stressed how important it was to give Ukraine more money and deal with problems at the border right away. He wants to get both Democrats and Republicans to agree on border policy, and he knows that the border needs more resources.

After the meeting, Speaker Johnson asked for more information on the plan to end the war in Ukraine. He said that responsibility was important and that protecting the U.S. border should be a top priority. Johnson put border security ahead of standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin, even though they both agreed that it was important to do so.

Chuck Schumer, a Democrat in the Senate, said that everyone in the meeting agreed that both border problems and funds for Ukraine needed to be fixed. It was made clear that a lot of people agree that the border is broken and that President Biden is committed to making big changes in that area.


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