Australia rejects China comments on sonar Parenthetic - MilectoAustralia rejects China comments on sonar Parenthetic - Milecto

Australia firmly dismissed China’s ambassador’s attempts to shift responsibility away from China’s navy regarding the injury of Australian military divers near Japan in November. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese remained unconvinced by Ambassador Xiao Qian’s recent statement, where he suggested that a Chinese navy ship refrained from using sonar, implying that a Japanese boat could be responsible. Albanese asserted that he wasn’t swayed by such claims.

In November, Albanese said that a Chinese warship had done something dangerous by using radar during a fight with an Australian navy ship in Japanese waters. Military divers were hurt while trying to clear fishing nets from the ship’s engines, which put a pressure on international ties. China had already said that Australia’s version of what happened was wrong. At the most recent annual press conference, Ambassador Xiao denied the claims, saying that China did not start the radar and pointing out that a Japanese navy boat was close. He also said that it wasn’t clear if the other person had used sonar.

“I maintain my stance, as stated previously, that it was inappropriate and should not have happened,” Albanese said again in a media meeting on Thursday, making the situation even clearer. According to Australia, the divers’ small injuries were probably caused by the radar from the Chinese warship, according to medical tests. At the same time, Japan’s ambassador in Australia said they were not aware of Xiao’s statements but stressed that both Japan and Australia were committed to following the rule of law. The embassy official talked about how strong the relationship is between the two countries in the Indo-Pacific region and how committed they are to working together on security in many areas.


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