US Government shutdown advances in Senate - MilectoUS Government shutdown advances in Senate - Milecto

On Tuesday, the Senate took a step towards stopping a possible shutdown of the US government that was set to begin this weekend. Before the deadline on Friday, senators are working hard to get the bill through Congress. The main goal of this bill is to give the Senate, which is run by Democrats, and the House of Representatives, which is run by Republicans, more time to agree on a $1.59 trillion spending plan for the current fiscal year, which began on October 1.

With a vote of 68 to 13, the Senate moved forward by starting to talk about the short-term spending bill. This brings it closer to being approved. If it passed, the House was supposed to quickly talk about it. The goal of this bill is to keep funds for government agencies at the same level for longer by adding two new end dates. It was originally planned that funding would end on Friday, but it will now last until March 1st for areas like agriculture, nutrition, transportation, housing, energy, military building, and veterans programs.

Funds for the remaining agencies, such as defense, homeland security, and the State Department, which are set to expire on February 2, would now be prolonged until March 8. The reason behind Congress missing the September 30, 2023, deadline to approve twelve spending bills for the 2024 fiscal year was the insistence on substantial spending reductions by a handful of staunch conservative House Republicans. This particular bill marks the third interim spending measure in the current fiscal year.

A different fight is going on over a “crisis” spending plan that would help Ukraine and Israel in their fights with Russia and Hamas in Gaza, respectively.


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