Trump fit to be president if convicted goers say - MilectoTrump fit to be president if convicted goers say - Milecto

The Iowa caucuses showed that most Republicans still believe Donald Trump is qualified for the White House, even if he is convicted of a crime. This shows how influential the former president is in the Republican Party. The entry poll also showed that almost two-thirds of people who attended were not sure if President Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 election was real.

The Edison Research study, which was based on interviews with 1,577 Republicans in Iowa, gives a good picture of how the party feels about some important issues. The data may change as more conversations are done. A large majority (65%) said they didn’t believe President Biden’s election win in 2020 was real.

64% of those who answered said they chose their presidential choice early on. Also, 63% thought Donald Trump would still be fit for the presidency even though he had been convicted of a crime, while only 32% thought that wasn’t the case. When it came to the controversial topic of abortion, 59% wanted a government law that would ban it everywhere.

When it came to religion, 51% of white caucusgoers who said they were conservative or born-again Christians voted for Trump, while 29% voted for DeSantis. Fourteen percent of people agreed with the #MAGA movement, but fifty-one percent did not. Both men and women still gave Trump a double-digit lead over Haley and DeSantis.

Interestingly, 36% of caucus-goers who were college graduates chose Trump over Haley, 30% chose DeSantis over Haley, and 27% chose DeSantis over Haley. 37% of people who went to the caucus were most concerned about the economy, while 34% were most concerned about immigration. 14% of people who thought about what traits a Republican presidential candidate should have were focused on being able to beat Biden, while 41% were more interested in similar beliefs. This wide-ranging study was done by Edison Research for the National Election Pool, which includes Reuters.


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