Stormy Daniels says set to testify in hush money trial set for MarchStormy Daniels says set to testify in hush money trial set for March

So, do you know Stormy Daniels, the adult actor? Her debut on her programme “Beyond the Norm” really surprised everyone. She informed everyone that things are becoming more chaotic as she prepares to testify in March at Donald Trump’s Manhattan hush money hearing. Yes, Stephanie Clifford is now in court, and it has been a rollercoaster trip. I even attempted to collect information from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, but they wouldn’t disclose anything. Lots of drama!

So I asked Daniel’s lawyer, Clark Brewster, to tell me more about her potential statement, but he was tight-lipped and claimed he couldn’t. He believes that those in authority are responsible for everything. He declined to disclose if Daniels met with attorneys to discuss such evidence.

Brewster did not say anything. “I don’t know when, how, or if they’ll bring her in as a witness,” he said. That is what attorneys do, correct? CBS News was the first to report on what Daniels stated.

Also, do you recall Trump’s court dance in New York City in April? He pled not guilty to a variety of allegations, including tampering with company documents related to the payment of hush money to Daniels before the 2016 election. Trump often asserts, “I did nothing wrong.” Things are getting crazy!

So, Judge Juan Merchan wants to begin the trial on March 25, but he is open to reschedule the date if it coincides with other legal concerns involving Trump. News previously reported that Daniels spoke with prosecutors around two weeks before Bragg delivered the case bomb. This was at the request of the Manhattan District Attorney.

In November, Trump abandoned his plans to move his hush money case from state to federal court. The public chess game seems to be in full flow!


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