US Consulate in Iraq; Iran claims responsibility - MilectoUS Consulate in Iraq; Iran claims responsibility - Milecto

News talked to an Iraqi security source who said there were blasts near the US Consulate in Erbil, Iraq. The attacks were quickly blamed on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, which used ballistic missiles to hit “headquarters of spies” and “anti-Iranian terrorist gatherings in parts of the region.” The Kurdistan Regional Security Council said that four people died and six were hurt in the event.

Police in Iraq told News that the blast in Erbil did not hurt any American or allied troops. A U.S. source told News that there was no effect on U.S. buildings and that there were no reports of deaths or damage to infrastructure.

Masrour Barzani, the prime minister of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, strongly denounced the assaults on Erbil, Iraq, by the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps in a post on the “X” platform.

In his remark on “X,” Barzani emphasised his strong condemnation of the assault and called it cowardly. He demanded that the federal government in Baghdad take a moral stand against what he saw to be an obvious violation of the sovereignty of both the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Reports from local Iraqi media claimed that the Iraqi government is poised to host a security conference on Tuesday to discuss the “Iranian violation of Iraqi territory and Iranian non-compliance with the security agreement between the two countries.”

Furthermore, a source said that three drones were successfully intercepted and brought down by coalition troops near the Iraqi airport in Erbil.

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