Why Dean Phillips rejected from Florida ballot by judge MilectoWhy Dean Phillips rejected from Florida ballot by judge Milecto

A federal judge recently said that Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) could not be on the Democratic primary ticket in Florida. Michael Steinberg, a lawyer in Tampa, took legal action earlier this month to force a Democratic primary in the state. He pushed for Phillips, spiritual writer Marianne Williamson, and news personality Cenk Uygur to run as candidates. Reports from Politico say that on Friday, U.S. District Judge Allen Winsor threw out the request.

Under Florida law, parties are not required to hold elections. This gives parties the freedom to make their own choices. The Democratic Party in Florida decided not to hold a primary because they thought there would not be enough competition for President Joe Biden. Even though Phillips said he didn’t agree with the choice, Steinberg went ahead with the case on his own, without any ties to Phillips or the other nominees. Steinberg said that the decision not to hold a primary was against the Constitution.


He wrote that if the court turned down their request, it would be very unfair because only President Joseph Biden would be able to get on the ticket by doing things that are against the Constitution. During a meeting on Wednesday, Steinberg made his case, but Winsor did not agree with him.

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