Why Joe Biden absent as Hunter soaks up spotlightWhy Joe Biden absent as Hunter soaks up spotlight

President Joe Biden started and ended this week with big speeches, but in between, he spent three days away from the public glare. This break allowed enough time for his kid, who is presently having issues, to take the limelight. Biden gave a campaign speech in South Carolina on Monday and is scheduled to speak on “Bidenomics” in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on Friday. Notably, he made no public appearances on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. During this time, Hunter Biden appeared briefly at a congressional hearing before travelling to California the next day for his tax arraignment.

As a result, the media was able to follow Hunter Biden’s activities in great detail, with some even making assumptions about the president’s presence and behaviour.

During Wednesday’s White House briefing, a reporter questioned the decision to limit the president’s public visibility, asking, “Who decided that it’s better for the public to see less of the president?” In response, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre emphasized the president’s busy schedule, pointing to private meetings with Joe Biden, his staff, and Vice President Kamala Harris. She highlighted Biden’s recent travel to four states over three days, underscoring the importance of his active engagement with the American people.

Hunter Biden became the centre of attention after making an unexpected visit on Capitol Hill, sparking uproar and leading two House committees to move resolutions finding him in contempt of Congress. The California courthouse where Hunter was supposed to appear on Thursday continued to be the centre of attention for news cameras.

Press Secretary Jean-Pierre responded to inquiries about Hunter over the course of the week, stressing that he works as a private individual and is not part of the president’s staff. She pointed Hunter’s reps’ questions about the legislative procedure.

Hunter Biden’s father was a frequent target for Republicans throughout Joe Biden’s administration. Still, not every Democrat thinks the public is too worried. Democratic strategist Brad Bannon pointed to Joe Biden’s recently well-publicized speech in Philadelphia as evidence that the president and his advisors are deliberately selecting when to address such issues. Bannon said Biden need to keep tackling these problems one at a time.

Joe Biden’s midweek absence, in Bannon’s opinion, won’t cause anybody to notice his son. As far as he’s concerned, the bigger stories right now are the GOP primary in Iowa between Nikki Haley and Gov. Ron DeSantis, as well as the legal drama involving former President Donald Trump.

Bannon warns that people may get distracted by Biden’s increased visibility and turn their focus away from the current Trump trial in New York. He stresses how crucial it is to avoid interfering with that story.

Conversely, the Republican National Committee (RNC) hopes to make Biden’s absence a problem by characterising his recent itinerary as more like a retiree’s than a president’s. RNC spokesperson Jake Schneider asserts that Biden hasn’t done much in the last three weeks, chastising the president for just twice attending public events in the last 20 days and for not having a sit-down interview with a news media in 89 days. Schneider says it’s time for a shift and believes that in the next elections in November, Americans will choose a new course.

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