Elon Musk Brings Old School Preview Links Back to XElon Musk Brings Old School Preview Links Back to X

This week, Elon Musk is changing X again, and unexpectedly, some of the modifications are effectively returning to the original design, which appeared perfect as it was. If you open the social media app on Wednesday morning, you’ll see that the headlines of articles have returned to the preview format, as they have for many years.

Our attention was drawn to the fact that the online version of X continues to show story links inside the video clip. There is no clear indication as to whether Musk and his team want to maintain the current state of affairs or if there will be a subsequent upgrade for web users. In spite of this, it seems that the best course of action would be to continue using the same headline structure on the mobile app. The evidence presented here illustrates that the platform did not necessarily need these adjustments simply for the sake of variation.

In a previous statement,Elon Musk had said that removing the links from the previews would “significantly enhance the look” of the platform. However, for those individuals who have been using Twitter (now X) in a certain fashion for years and then suddenly witnessing a change in the interface, it did create confusion and was not exactly appreciated by everyone who was accustomed to the previous user experience.

To be fair, Musk did confirm that X would go back to the old type of headlines, and this change can now be seen by all users on the front end. It looks like the changes are happening slowly because the Android app of X still shows links in the old style, but the web and iOS versions still show links that are part of the images.

X is facing a significant challenge as a result of Musk’s open criticism of companies and advertising. This daring strategy resulted in harsh responses from major businesses like as Apple, forcing them to withdraw their investments in the platform. Such a move might have serious consequences for Musk and his crew. Furthermore, the firm Musk purchased only a year ago is already dealing with investor concerns and a steady decline in its value. This circumstance clearly suggests that Musk’s $44 billion purchase and subsequent rebranding was not a sensible commercial decision after all.

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