ISRO's Upcoming Missions Moon in india journey Mars to Venus

Cosmic X-ray Study

The X-beam Polarimeter Satellite (XPoSat) is an ISRO arranged space observatory to concentrate on inestimable X-beams. Send off anticipated on December 28, 2023.

Communication Aid

INSAT-3DS, a correspondence satellite, part of the INSAT series, helps with weather conditions estimating and catastrophe the executives. Send off expected in January 2024.

Orbital Test Flight

Gaganyaan 1, an Indian ran orbital space apparatus, is the first of two flight tests. Send off expected in the primary quarter of 2024.

Remote Sensing Satellite

NASA-ISRO Manufactured Gap Radar (NISAR) is a joint undertaking for remote detecting. Send off expected in the main quarter of 2024.

Venus Atmosphere Study

The Indian Venus orbiter mission plans to concentrate on the environment of Venus. Send off expected in December 2024.

Lunar Exploration

Lunar Polar Investigation Mission by JAXA and ISRO expects to investigate the Moon's south pole locale. Send off expected in 2025.

Space Telescope

AstroSat-2, India's second committed multi-frequency space telescope, is proposed by ISRO. Send off expected in 2025.

Second Test

Flight Gaganyaan 2 is the second of two flight tests preceding the debut ran mission. Send off expected in mid-2025.

Mars Orbiter

Mars Orbiter Mission 2 (Mother 2), likewise called 2, is India's second interplanetary mission. Send off expected in 2026.

Crewed Spacecraft

Gaganyaan 3, the first run Gaganyaan mission, could make India the fourth country to send people in space freely. Send off expected in 2026.

Indian Space Station

Bharatiya Antariksha Station would keep a circle of around 400 kilometers over the Earth. Space explorers could remain for 15-20 days. Send off expected in late 2035.