Generative AI Learning Path

A learning way by Google intended to acquaint members with generative computerized reasoning, covering points like generative models, TensorFlow, and down to earth applications.

Transform Your Business With AI

This Microsoft course covers a scope of simulated intelligence applications and their effect on business processes.

cs50’s introduction to artificial intelligence with python

A Harvard College course offering a presentation and pragmatic execution of man-made consciousness utilizing Python.

Generative AI Training

Microsoft's preparation on generative simulated intelligence, covering generative computer based intelligence standards and applications, with an emphasis on Microsoft innovations.

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers

This DeepLearningAI course is on brief designing, for engineers utilizing models like ChatGPT.

AI for Everyone

This course by IBM pointed toward giving an expansive comprehension of simulated intelligence ideas for a non-specialized crowd.

CS50’s Introduction to AI with Python

A Harvard College course, offering a starting investigation of man-made intelligence utilizing Python, covering fundamental calculations and applications.

Responsible AI Overview

This Google course centers around capable computer based intelligence works on, tending to moral contemplations and best practices in man-made intelligence advancement and arrangement

Generative AI for Everyone

A course by Dr. Andrew Ng, a main figure in the man-made intelligence field, offering experiences into generative computer based intelligence open to an expansive crowd.

Introduction to Generative AI Studio

Google Cloud Tech's course acquainting members with generative man-made intelligence utilizing Google Cloud advances.