Students Sue Harvard, Calling It a ‘Bastion’ of AntisemitismStudents Sue Harvard, Calling It a ‘Bastion’ of Antisemitism

A bunch of students, pointing to various incidents on campus they said were antisemitic, asserted that Harvard professors have been spreading antisemitism in their classes for quite some time, along with other allegations.

Six students accused Harvard on Wednesday, saying that the well-known school had become a “stronghold of pervasive anti-Jewish animosity and mistreatment,” which was made worse by the Hamas attack on Israel last October.

A lawsuit brought in a federal court in Massachusetts says that Harvard teachers have been teaching racism and making students afraid to speak out against it.

Harvard is being sued because it didn’t do anything to stop or discourage the claimed racist behaviour or punish the people who were involved. As the war continues, Harvard, like many other schools, has seen problems between students who support Israel and those who support Palestine. The presidents of Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, and M.I.T. all spoke to Congress in December about racism on college campuses. Claudine Gay, who was president of Harvard at the time, got a lot of bad press for what she said, which helped her quit this month.

Harvard is also one of a growing number of colleges that are being investigated by the federal government for civil rights violations linked to racism claims.

The school didn’t reply right away to a request for comment and wouldn’t give a statement to The Harvard Crimson, the college newspaper, because they were still in the middle of court procedures.

In the past, the university said it would not stand for any kind of racism. In a statement before Dr. Gay quit, she said, “My administration has repeatedly stressed that antisemitism and other forms of hate have no place at Harvard.” Threats and terror are not welcome at Harvard.

Alexander Kestenbaum, a Jewish student at Harvard Divinity School, is named as one of the plaintiffs in the 77-page lawsuit. The case doesn’t name the other five plaintiffs, but it does say that four of them are law students and one is a Ph.D. student in public health. All of them are part of Students Against Antisemitism, a Delaware-based group that was formed last month.

The case was brought for the Harvard students by two law firms, one of which was Kasowitz Benson Torres in New York. New York University and the University of Pennsylvania are also being sued by this law company for similar reasons.

The Harvard case is associated with Kasowitz Benson Torres, a firm well-known for its ties to the Trump administration. The lawsuit partially depends on an executive order that was made by the former President Donald J. Trump in 2019. This decree said that discrimination against Jews in establishments that receive government funding is subject to the provisions of the Civil Rights Act.


The case goes so far as to accuse Harvard of deliberately lowering the number of Jewish students enrolled. The plaintiffs point to a notable reduction over a ten-year period, which they claim demonstrates the university’s willful attempt to reduce the number of Jewish students.

The complaint cites many incidents that the students believe to be antisemitic that occurred as early as 2016. The plaintiffs accuse Harvard of having a double standard, saying that although the university requires instruction on behaviours such as “sizeism, fatphobia, racism, and transphobia,” it allows staff members and students to freely support the “murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel” without facing repercussions.

The lawsuit cites the September 2017 Harvard Divinity School presentation of the film “Israelism,” which makes the argument that pro-Israel sentiments are instilled in youngsters by American Jews. The lawsuit claims that one student, Mr. Kestenbaum, had “anxiety and gross discomfort” as a result of the film, and that antisemitic tropes were applauded.

As a result, the students ask for undefined recompense as well as the dismissal of certain teachers who were engaged in the mentioned incidents.

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