Ecuador declares state of emergency amidEcuador declares state of emergency amid

On Monday, Ecuador President Daniel Noboa declared a 60-day state of emergency. This judgement followed the disappearance of the country’s most wanted prisoner from his correctional cell.


This circumstance, including the state of emergency and the events surrounding it, provides a tremendous challenge for Noboa early in his term. He is a young businessman who took government in November with a commitment to address Ecuador’s growing violence.


According to Noboa, “I’ve authorised a decree for a state of emergency to provide the Armed Forces with necessary political and legal backing for their actions.” He underlined the change from an era in which organised criminals, hired murders, and drug traffickers controlled government policy.


Six of the overcrowded jails in Ecuador were the scene of “events” on Monday, according to the country’s prison authorities. Rival gang fights often occur in these prisons, a recurring problem that has claimed the lives of over 400 prisoners since 2021.

The leader of the criminal group Los Choneros, Adolfo Macias, vanished from his jail cell on Sunday. Before going missing, he was serving a hefty 34-year term.


A statewide curfew is in place, and military personnel are stationed on the streets and in jails as part of the state of emergency. Previous governments have attempted to increase security in the last several years by declaring states of emergency, but these actions haven’t produced noticeable results.

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