Suspect in Three found dead - MilectoSuspect in Three found dead - Milecto

The person that police in Joliet, Illinois, were looking for in connection with the deaths of seven people shot in two homes on Monday has been confirmed dead, the police said.

The police had already said that they were looking for a person named Romeo Nance, who is 23 years old. This was done after the bodies of five people were found in one house and two more in a neighbouring house on West Acres Road on Monday morning.

Monday night, the police said that U.S. Marshals had found Nance near Natalia, Texas. According to reports, Nance killed himself with a pistol after getting into a fight with Texas police.

They were keeping an eye on one of the homes as part of an investigation into two killings that happened on Sunday. Deputy Chief of Special Operations for the Will County Sheriff’s office in Illinois, Dan Jungles, talked about this at a press conference on Monday night. Jungles said that when police knocked on the door of the house being watched before noon on Monday and got no answer, they went to a nearby house.

“They were aware that the house across the street was linked to the people who lived there,” he said. “They strolled over, and that’s when they found signs of blood, prompting them to enter the house to search for anyone who might be injured.”

They didn’t give information about the victims right away, but Joliet Police Chief Bill Evans told the media that the victims were linked. Aside from that, he talked about what the police found at the scene.

“I have 29 years of police experience. Evans said, “I think this is the worst crime scene I’ve ever been involved with.”

Jungles said that the people living in the houses were “known to Nance.” On Monday night, police said that Nance’s most recent known home was on the same block where the crimes were found.

The cops had already said that they thought Nance was driving a red Toyota Camry. Also, this same car was related to a probe into two killings that happened in Joliet on Sunday.

On Sunday, the Sheriff’s office said that they were called to the Pheasant Run Apartments in Joliet Township for an emergency. During this event, they found Toyosi Bakare, 28, who had been shot in the head. According to Jungles, Bakare was quickly taken to a nearby hospital, where he was later declared dead.

Joliet Police were called to the 200 block of Davis Street an hour before they went to the Pheasant Run Apartments call. There, they found a 42-year-old man with a leg wound from a gunshot that was not thought to be life-threatening.

After finding out that the Camry was linked to the West Acres Road home, the sheriff’s office began keeping an eye on it. Police stood by to see if the car would come back to the house.

“As the investigation went on, detectives quickly identified Romeo Nance, 23, as a possible suspect in the killings on West Acres Road.”

“He was also thought to be involved in a shooting that killed someone that was being investigated by the Will County Sheriff’s Office and a shooting that did not kill anyone in Joliet on January 21, 2024,” officials said Monday night.

Evans said that the investigation is still going on and that no one knows what the motivation is. He did say, though, that he thought the shootings on Sunday “had some connection” to the scene that was found on Monday.


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