Haley makes final New Hampshire push Trump's momentum - MilectoHaley makes final New Hampshire push Trump's momentum - Milecto

On Monday, Nikki Haley, the former U.N. ambassador and the only Republican still running against Donald Trump, was making her last push to win over votes in New Hampshire. She wanted to get a lot of support and win the state’s primary race in a way that no one expected.

As the New Hampshire primary approaches on Tuesday, the state’s Republican voters will be divided between those who favour former President Trump and those who oppose him. On Sunday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ended his tough campaign and put his support behind Trump, bringing the race to a head-to-head clash.

According to polls, Trump is far ahead of Haley and wants to definitively destroy the former South Carolina governor’s campaign by winning another big win. Last week, he easily won Iowa’s first election, which set a new record.

In Haley’s case, New Hampshire is her last chance to show that the Republican party might be open to candidates other than Trump. Even though he is being charged with 91 felonies, Trump still has a lot of support from his party’s loyal members. He says he is innocent and that he is being persecuted for political reasons. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Monday was the first of Haley’s five planned campaign events in New Hampshire. She spoke to a packed veterans’ hall in a working-class town. Her words showed that Trump is stuck on settling scores and is too worried about court fights, which keeps him from focusing on new projects.

52-year-old Haley asked voters in Franklin, Tennessee, “Are you inclined towards continuity, or are you looking for a fresh approach?” as she spoke to them.

The 77-year-old Trump only took part in one event, a rally in the central town of Laconia at 9 p.m. ET. Former Republican presidential contenders Senator Tim Scott and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, who have both formally backed and supported him, were with him.

He said again what he had already said, which was that his opponents, not himself, are a threat to democracy. The Justice Department has charged him with many crimes, some of which are related to his attempts to change the results of the 2020 election against President Joe Biden. To loud cheers, Trump said that people he sees as enemies are trying to take away his freedom, and he vowed to always protect the freedom of the people. Due to this, Biden has said that Trump is a threat to the political system.

New Hampshire’s significant population of independent voters, allowed to participate in Tuesday’s election, creates a more favorable environment for Haley compared to the more conservative Iowa.

In spite of this, Trump still has a big lead in most national polls. A recent poll from Monmouth University, which was done before DeSantis dropped out of the race but came out on Monday, showed that 52% of people support Trump, 34% support Haley, and 8% support DeSantis. It’s interesting that DeSantis backers were twice as likely to pick Trump as Haley as their second choice, according to the study.


The outcome on Tuesday might be influenced by the level of voter participation and the balance between Republicans and independents, referred to as “undeclareds,” as highlighted by Jim Merrill, a Republican strategist in New Hampshire.

Jim Merrill told the media during a panel discussion that Nikki Haley has a chance tomorrow if a lot of Republican voters decide not to vote and a lot of people who haven’t registered to vote do so.

Merrill said that about 340,000 people would probably have to vote for Nikki Haley to win. Last week, the New Hampshire secretary of state’s office predicted that 322,000 people would vote, which is more than the actual number.

In 2016, 287,653 people voted in the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary, which is the most ever. Congratulations to Nikki Haley on her win! It could give her the boost and money she needs for the upcoming important voting race on February 24 in South Carolina, her home state where she served two terms as governor. The winner of this year’s Republican primary elections will face Joe Biden, who is expected to be the Democratic choice, in the general election in November.

Joe Biden won’t be running for office this Tuesday because the national Democratic Party chose South Carolina as its first official primary. But a lot of people are very interested in how many people back Biden’s write-in campaign in New Hampshire, especially since the president’s poll numbers aren’t great at 81 years old. On Monday, after a robocall with fake audio of Biden telling Democrats not to vote in New Hampshire went around, the White House denied that there was any such recording and stressed how dangerous “deep fakes” and false information are.


Trump was supposed to spend the morning testifying in a New York court about a defamation suit that author E. Jean Carroll filed against him. Carroll says he sexually assaulted her many years ago and the case is based on false statements she made about him. Trump says Carroll made up the story to make her book better.

Due to a sick jury and a good COVID-19 test for the parent of Trump’s top attorney, the trial was moved to Tuesday. The trial judge said that a decision would be made later on whether to let Trump appear on Wednesday so that he could be in New Hampshire for the vote on Tuesday.

In the same way that he uses crime cases, Trump has often used the Carroll case to try to get people to donate money. He has described what’s happening as an important part of a bigger plot by left groups that want to stop him from running for office.

In the past few days, Haley has been harsher on Trump. She says she thinks he has lost some of his intelligence since leaving the White House and that he is wrong to support authoritarian leaders in other countries. Trump said that Haley was working with a “unholy alliance” of leftists, “never-Trumpers” (people who are against Trump), and “Republicans in Name Only” (RINOs) at a gathering in Rochester, New Hampshire, on Sunday. He has called her a bad name by a changed form of her given name, Nimarata, and shared false social media posts that made fun of her U.S. citizenship, even though she was born in South Carolina to Indian immigrants and is their daughter.


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