Nikki Haley aims to Growup Republican race against Trump in New Hampshire - MilectoNikki Haley aims to Growup Republican race against Trump in New Hampshire - Milecto

Nikki Haley and her allies are deliberately deploying campaign personnel in New Hampshire, stepping up their criticism of front-runner Donald Trump in the hopes of producing an upset in the forthcoming Republican presidential primary. AFP Action, a political advocacy organisation backed by conservative billionaire Charles Koch, will to send up to 100 more workers to canvass neighbourhoods in the last push before Tuesday’s election. Meanwhile, SFA, a well-funded PAC that supports Haley, released a new commercial showcasing local New Hampshire citizens who describe Trump as a bully and dishonest man.

Following her third-place finish in Iowa, Nikki Haley, who was Trump’s ambassador to the UN, has changed the way she talks about the former president in her campaign. She is now more direct in her attacks on him. She does not talk about some things, like Trump’s attempts to challenge the results of the 2020 election against President Joe Biden. At a Thursday event in Hollis, New Hampshire, that a lot of people went to, Haley gently criticised Trump’s age, made him look like a careless spender, and said that he was “vengeful” and “too focused on investigations, diverting attention from our efforts to avoid conflict.”

The increased fervour of the campaign makes it even more important for Nikki Haley, who is under a lot of pressure to win the second Republican primary. If she doesn’t win in New Hampshire, it could make her already difficult path to getting the nod even more difficult. Three major supporters who spoke to Reuters said that there is a real worry that Haley’s campaign may lose money if she doesn’t win in New Hampshire. According to the most recent polls, there is a big difference between Haley and Trump. She is behind him by about 14 percentage points. Monday’s Iowa caucuses were a big win for Trump over Haley and Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

Another senior Republican insider, Alex Conant, said, “If Trump wins the first two states, it will be hard to imagine anyone else as the nominee.” Even though Haley might say that coming in second place is a win, it makes people wonder what she should do next in the race.

With a lot of white-collar, college-educated workers living in New Hampshire, the state tends to be less friendly to Trump. People with a moderate political view are drawn to the state’s semi-open election, which lets people who are not involved with any party vote. Greg Moore, a regional head for AFP, pointed out that Trump wasn’t doing well in New Hampshire’s white-collar areas.

In the past few weeks, AFP Action has gone from having seven paid workers in the state to having sixty. The group wants to bring in up to 100 more workers from all over the country to get Haley fans to work together and persuade people who aren’t sure yet.

With texts that were given to Reuters, door-to-door campaigners make the case that Haley has a better chance than Trump of beating Biden in November.

Nikki Haley and the super PACs she works with are counting a lot on the support and fame of Chris Sununu, the Republican governor of New Hampshire, who backed Haley in December. During Haley’s recent campaign tour in the state, she stayed close to Governor Sununu. The governor often warmed up the crowd and talked to the media, which is not something Haley usually does.


Haley is setting herself up as the lead candidate to run against Trump in the primary race. In New Hampshire, DeSantis is far behind, with only 5% of the vote. The daughter of Indian immigrants, Nikki Haley ran for office in the wealthy neighbourhood of Hollis as a “new generational conservative leader,” stressing that she was less divided than both Trump and Biden. Trump is 77 years old and Biden is 81 years old. Haley, who will soon be 52 years old, said she would be easier to win in a general election.

Over 70% of Americans don’t want a repeat between Trump and Biden. Haley made a better case against Trump by naming him 11 times, which is more than she did at the event in Iowa. Even though Trump called her unfaithful and a bad negotiator, Haley didn’t heavily criticise his efforts to change the 2020 election. Instead, she often attacked both Trump and Biden at the same time.

Some people, like Fergus Cullen, who used to be the chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party, think Haley should be more direct about Trump’s actions on January 6, 2021, and his attempts to overturn the election. Other people, like Frank Sienko, a retired IT worker who voted twice for Trump, don’t want to hear more about Trump’s moral flaws and legal problems. At Haley’s events, voters, including Republicans and independents, like how she keeps things calm and focused on the future. Michelle Wright of Rye, New Hampshire, said that Haley has the power to bring people together.


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