Prosecutor seeks kill charges in case of missing Indiana teens - milectoProsecutor seeks kill charges in case of missing Indiana teens - milecto

A guy from Indiana is being charged with killing two young girls. The prosecutor has asked the judge to add two new counts of kidnapping and murder while kidnapping to his existing charges.

The prosecutor in Indiana’s case, where a guy is accused of killing two teenage girls, asked the court on Thursday to add two new counts of kidnapping and murder during kidnapping. Carroll County Prosecutor Nicholas McLeland said that the new charges against Richard Allen from Delphi are more in line with what was found and written in the probable cause document.

Richard Allen was charged with two counts of murder for the deaths of Abigail Williams, 13, and Liberty German, 14, in Delphi in 2017. He has since pleaded not guilty. He has declared his innocence.

In a separate development, the Indiana Supreme Court ordered that Andrew Baldwin and Brad Rozzi, Allen’s original court-appointed lawyers, be brought back into the case after Thursday’s hearings. Baldwin and Rozzi quit the case in October of last year because someone told someone else about information that was leaked from Baldwin’s office. Special Judge Fran Gull put a gag order on the case, so Baldwin, who was in charge of the defence, wouldn’t say anything about McLeland’s desire for new charges.

In its ruling, the Supreme Court also turned down a motion to have Judge Gull removed from her position.

One of the teens, Abby and Libby, was let off by a relative at a hiking path close to their hometown of Delphi, which is situated about 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis, on February 13, 2017. When they failed to show up at the agreed-upon pickup location that evening, the authorities filed a missing person’s report. Their dead corpses were discovered by searchers the next day in a rough, heavily forested location close to the route.

The accused, Allen, worked in a pharmacy in Delphi, a village of around 3,000 people, and the sad events have left a lasting impression. The case has attracted a lot of interest on a state and national level.

A gag order was imposed by Special Judge Fran Gull in December 2022, which forbade lawyers, police officers, court employees, the coroner, and relatives of the girls from discussing the matter in public or on social media. Citing the case’s significant media attention and scrutiny, prosecutors had asked for the injunction. After a Carroll County judge resigned from supervising the case, Gull took on the position of special judge.


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