Joe Biden visits Pennsylvania againJoe Biden visits Pennsylvania again

Last Friday, President Joe Biden went to Pennsylvania and casually walked through local businesses to try to convince voters in this important swing state that the economy has gotten better under his watch.

Biden is hoping to win Pennsylvania again, aligning himself with Governor Josh Shapiro (D-PA), a strong ally who warned against the “total chaos” he thinks would happen if the state voted for former President Donald Trump. Shapiro’s event in Valley Forge was a big deal in 2024.

Since taking office, Biden has visited Pennsylvania 33 times, more than any other state except his home state of Delaware. Friday, he met people in the medium-sized city of Allentown and the nearby borough of Emmaus, shook their hands, and talked with them.

A new poll from Quinnipiac on Wednesday shows that Biden’s regular visits are making a difference. The poll showed that Biden now has a 47% to 45% lead over Trump in Pennsylvania. This is his first lead in the state since the beginning of the 2024 cycle.

In an interview with reporters on Friday, Biden said that people in Pennsylvania are more positive about the economy. He stressed how important it was to let people know who was behind these good changes, saying that people are starting to see that things are getting better and that this is just the start.

Biden has always talked about his roots in Pennsylvania. He is known as “Scranton Joe” because he has lived there for a long time. His home in Wilmington, which is only 10 miles from the Pennsylvania state line, shows how close and important his ties are to the area.

Tim Malloy, a research expert at Quinnipiac University, said that the latest numbers make Pennsylvania once again stand out as a key and closely fought split state with the voting weight to decide the result of the election.

Pennsylvania was once thought to be part of the “blue wall,” but Trump won it in 2016, which helped him surprise Hillary Clinton. But Biden was able to take back the state in 2020. In the 2022 midterms, Democrats also beat Trump-backed candidates for governor and U.S. senator in Pennsylvania. Shapiro, one of these winners, was there when Biden recently visited.

It was different for Biden’s trip because there were no public talks or events planned. The focus instead was on going to local companies like a coffee shop, a fire training school, a bike shop, and a shoe store. The plan was to talk with people in the area about “Bidenomics.” Biden spent the afternoon visiting different businesses with Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) and Shapiro.

When Biden went to Emmaus Run Inn, he joked with the owner about opening a store in Delaware and offered to give the press running shoes. The President wanted to show off his skills at “retail politics,” even though he had the normal reporters and a strong security team with him.

But not all of the locals were open to the effort. Some people at the nearby bike shop, South Mountain Cycle, spoke out against him by yelling things like “Go home, Joe” and “You’re a loser.”

In a 10-minute Q&A with the press, Shapiro also used the chance to support Biden’s record and attack his political opponents.

Shapiro noted in his analysis of Biden’s campaign the chance to distinguish sharply between the achievements and record of the existing government and the possible anarchy that Donald Trump may bring. Shapiro brought up Trump eleven times throughout the discussion, underscoring the significance of voters looking for peace and order.

Shapiro also spoke on the effects of Trump’s children, including the GOP’s losing candidate for governor, Doug Mastriano. Shapiro said that stability is what people want and highlighted the continuous infrastructure spending brought about by the $1.2 trillion measure that Biden signed into law in 2021.

Shapiro’s roughly 20-point advantage against the president in popularity is considered to be a major asset for the Biden team as Election Day draws closer. Shapiro, along with a number of other youthful Democratic governors, plans to endorse Biden in 2024 by highlighting the president’s leadership attributes and drawing a contrast with what he sees as Trump’s turbulent behaviour.

T.J. Rooney, a Democratic organiser from Pennsylvania, says that the upcoming race in the state is really a battle between different sides of Joe Biden. Rooney said that Biden would probably do well in Pennsylvania, especially if he runs against Donald Trump, who he thought might be in trouble with the law by the time of the election.

In addition to making frequent trips to Pennsylvania, Biden has kept some of Trump’s policies that support industry, like keeping most of the taxes on China. He has done this to appeal to blue-collar workers. Biden’s recent campaign launch speech in the Philadelphia area, where he remembered the third anniversary of January 6 and stressed how important democracy is to American ideals, was another part of his plan to make his opponent look like a radical.

Biden answered questions from the press during a less formal time in Allentown. This showed that he had sent a message to Iran by attacking Houthi targets. He gave hints about what might happen next if the group doesn’t change how it acts.


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