JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes to step downJetBlue CEO Robin Hayes to step down

JetBlue stated yesterday that its current CEO, Robin Hayes, will be stepping down next month. Joanna Geraghty, the airline’s current president, will take up the post. As the first woman to run a major US airline, she will make history.

Joanna Geraghty, who is 51 years old, has been an important part of JetBlue since 2005, taking on bigger and bigger roles within the New York-based company. In 2018, she became president and chief operating officer after a long trip.

In addition to saying thank you, Geraghty talked about how excited she was to start her new job. She stressed how excited she was to move the business forward by putting their strategic plans into action, with the goal of bringing back profitable growth and long-term value for owners.

At the same time, 57-year-old Robin Hayes, the former CEO, said he was retiring because of health problems. According to Hayes, the stressful nature of his job had hurt his health. This led him to put his health first after talking to his doctor and his wife about it.

The leadership change is set on February 12, coinciding with JetBlue’s anticipated federal court decision in Boston on its proposed $3.8 billion purchase of Spirit Airlines. This effort aims to drive JetBlue into a competitive position against the big US airlines. However, the Justice Department’s resistance to the settlement resulted in a trial last October.

Robin Hayes, 57, joined JetBlue in 2008 with his knowledge from British Airways and finally became CEO in 2015. Under his leadership, JetBlue embarked on endeavours such as transatlantic flights and a collaboration with American Airlines, which was ultimately terminated owing to legal intervention by the Justice Department.

While Hayes is presently the nation’s sixth-largest airline in terms of revenue, following only Alaska Airlines, the company has continually sought mergers to close the revenue gap with aviation behemoths like as American, Delta, United, and Southwest. Previous efforts included competing for Virgin America in 2016 (but being outbid by Alaska Airlines) and, in 2022, successfully negotiating a contract with Spirit, the country’s biggest low-cost airline, after beating out competition from Frontier Airlines.

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