Galaxy AI ChatGPT like Generative AI Features With Upcoming S24 SeriesGalaxy AI ChatGPT like Generative AI Features With Upcoming S24 Series

Samsung is gearing up for the debut of its highly anticipated Galaxy S24 series, and the hype is centred around a tantalizing teaser: “Galaxy AI is coming.” While the video does not reveal what specific AI capabilities we may anticipate, Samsung has a long history of incorporating smart software into its devices. In fact, their present product line already includes a host of what we may term “AI features.”

Consider their AI-powered photographic skills and the plethora of OneUI upgrades. These are neat things like operating home appliances effortlessly via Samsung smartphones inside their smart home IoT environment. Bixby, although not living up to Samsung’s high ambitions, fits within this AI-driven area.

The most exciting aspect of this teaser is the possibility of Samsung cooperating with AI tool providers to offer generative AI capabilities. Given their close cooperation with Microsoft, it is possible that this may result in novel partnerships and synergies. Consider combining all of these smart characteristics under the umbrella title “Galaxy AI.”

In terms of generative AI, there have been claims of Samsung working closely with tech titans like as Microsoft and Google. During an interview with News18 in March 2023, Dr. TM Roh, President & Head of Mobile experience Business of Samsung Electronics, hinted to this. He emphasized how Samsung has already integrated on-device AI technology into features like as the camera and performance management. Dr. Roh also emphasized ongoing collaborations with Microsoft, Google, and other emerging partners for the development of generative AI technology. According to his perspective, AI technology will play a critical role in moving the smartphone industry ahead.

In essence, Samsung’s “Galaxy AI” teaser has set the ground for conjecture and enthusiasm about anticipated breakthroughs and synergies in the next Galaxy S24 series.

It was noted by him that there has been a significant increase in people’s interest in artificial intelligence as a result of ChatGPT. Samsung has a history of incorporating the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) into its mobile devices, and the company has been using their AI skills to improve the connection of their smartphones to WiFi and 5G networks.

Samsung’s latest teaser for “Galaxy AI” serves as a gentle reminder of the company’s loud position from the previous year, in which they expressed their goal to include generative artificial intelligence elements similar as ChatGPT into their flagship Galaxy mobile products. At this point, the mystery is in getting a better understanding of the specific products that Samsung will introduce with the next S24 series.

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