Why WhatsApp bans 7.2 million Indian accounts in November 2023Why WhatsApp bans 7.2 million Indian accounts in November 2023

During November 2023, WhatsApp blocked over 7.2 million accounts in India, with almost 2 million of them blocked as a preventative step. They discussed how they are trying to prevent abuse and handled user concerns, taking necessary action.

In accordance with the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, Meta’s WhatsApp has published its monthly report for the month of November 2023. This report details the manner in which they dealt with customer complaints, maintained accounts, and reacted to directions issued by the Grievance Appellate Committee (General Appellate Committee).

Details on user complaints from India were included in the report, along with an explanation of how individuals may report issues such as violating WhatsApp’s rules or inquiring about their accounts. A total of about 8,841 complaints were received throughout that period of time, and six accounts were resolved as a result of those reports. These complaints were categorised under a variety of different categories, including things like account assistance, appealing bans, general support, product inquiries, and safety concerns.

WhatsApp also mentioned details about directives they got from the GAC, saying they received eight orders and followed through with all of them during that time frame.

Additionally, the article discusses the measures that WhatsApp takes to prevent unwanted behaviours from occurring on its platform. WhatsApp uses techniques to identify instances of misuse, such as establishing accounts, messaging between individuals, and receiving user complaints or blocks. In November 2023, WhatsApp removed a massive number of accounts in India, consisting of 7.2 million accounts. It is noteworthy to note that over 2 million of the accounts were blocked before they could create any problems.

Surprisingly, WhatsApp proactively prohibited approximately 1.9 million accounts in India in October 2023, even before any user notified them, out of the total 7.5 million accounts removed. The study from Meta’s messaging platform discussed how they identify abuse throughout the life of an account and emphasised their commitment to prevention. They also spoke about the kind of complaints they got from users and the steps they did in response.

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