Google Drive Storage User At Offering Just Rs 35 In IndiaGoogle Drive Storage User At Offering Just Rs 35 In India

Google Drive is the preeminent cloud storage solution available on desktop, iOS, and Android devices. They provide a range of programmes to accommodate various budgets and requirements. Their most affordable plan in India commences at Rs. 130 monthly. However, Google is offering a special discount to begin 2024, thereby increasing the accessibility of cloud storage for users to assess its worth.

In order to ensure that this exclusive offer remains accessible to a wide audience, it is prudent to access your Google Drive account through your Google ID. Confirm whether you have been selected to receive this special discount. This is an excellent occasion to determine whether cloud storage investments could be advantageous in the long run.


Google Drive provides multiple options in India, beginning at Rs 130 per month for 100GB of storage. They have, however, announced a unique offer: for the first three months, you may get these plans for a greatly discounted price. For example, the 100GB package is discounted to Rs 35 for three months before returning to the standard Rs 130 monthly rate. Similarly, the 200GB plan, which normally costs Rs 210 per month, is available for Rs 50 for the first three months. Even the most expensive 2TB plan, which normally costs Rs 650 per month, is available for Rs 160 for the first three months. It’s a one-time offer to get access to Google Drive’s storage choices at a reduced price before the regular cost resumes.

Google Drive Storage
Google Drive Storage

The Drive plan discounts are specifically for those who haven’t previously subscribed to Drive’s paid services. We figured this out by testing it with our paid Google account and comparing it to a standard account that only has the usual 15GB of free cloud storage. It seems like Google is aiming these offers at new users, enticing them with a reduced price to experience the Drive platform. After three months of using the service, users would then transition to paying the regular charges.

The timing of this offer couldn’t be more intriguing! Because of WhatsApp’s substantial shift in storage policy in the approaching year of 2024, Google Drive is poised to become even more important. Prepare yourself: WhatsApp will no longer provide free storage, which means that whatever you keep in the app will count against your Google Drive capacity. Those who have depended on this convenience without paying for Drive storage should rethink. The approaching transition requires your attention: if you’ve never paid for Drive storage, now may be the time to carefully consider paying to guarantee your data is securely kept and accessible. It’s a watershed moment when the need for Drive storage becomes more than simply a convenience, but a need for protecting your digital life.

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